Why you need to ensure your Employees are GDPR trained

The news regularly reports worrying data breaches and sophisticated security scams outwitting even the biggest companies out there, so when it comes to your firm, a good understanding of cybersecurity and the legislation around it is essential. Similarly, ensuring your employees are adequately trained in the GDPR legislation is important for protecting your company.

Defining GDPR

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Legislation and it has been in effect since May 2018. It governs the way we can use, process and store personal data and is the highest level of security law relating to personal data currently in place. The key principles of GDPR are:

  • Lawfulness
  • Transparency
  • Data usage for the specific lawful purpose it was obtained for
  • Acquiring data only when strictly needed
  • Storage limitation
  • Ensuring data stored is accurate
  • Confidentiality of data
  • Accountability

In terms of the workplace, it can be very easy for an experienced or talented cybercriminal or hacker to access your work system, especially if your employees don’t have the training, they need to protect your business. A carefully crafted phishing attempt can easily mislead an employee into helping an imposter gain access, and their information may be available on your company website or LinkedIn profile.

GDPR Staff Training Minimises Weak Links

Security breaches are often due to human error and without the right training, your employees are much more likely to make mistakes. Something as simple as taking home a work laptop containing personal client data is a really bad move in terms of security, despite the sentiment being in the right place. Another common issue is forgetting to use the BCC function in email, meaning you’ve shared the email addresses of different clients with each other, something many may be unhappy with. Appropriate GDPR training helps ensure you have additional protection against these common errors as employees know to think before they act.

Regular Training improves Efficiency and Awareness

Employees who are regularly trained and understand the background to the rules and regulations around data security are more cautious when handling it. Staff who are confident in the legislation that protects client data can also share this confidence when dealing directly with customers too, helping them feel confident in your business and its ability to safely handle their personal and sensitive information.

Demonstrate Compliance with Up-to-Date GDPR Training

In the event that your business has to be investigated by the ICO due to a data breach or complaint, up to date training records and well-trained staff will help to show your competence and care for the data under your control, even if there has been an error. Documents showing staff training counts towards evidence that reasonable steps were taken to protect against data breaches.

Data security is something every business has to be aware of and complying with relevant legislation is the responsibility of the business owner, so ensuring all employees are fully trained in the latest developments is essential.