Proof Reading

Duration: 1 Day

Course Code: PROOFR

Course Aims:

This programme is designed for people who have responsibility for proof-reading copy for brochures, leaflets, reports, proposals, mailing materials and other collateral. The quality of such materials circulated both inside and outside the organisation is essential in retaining credibility. The type of person attending this programme will be very conscious of the need to remove errors from copy and ensure that the content meets their organisation’s requirements.

Course Pre-requisites:

This programme is for you if you are required to make sure that your organisation’s written materials are error-free, before they are circulated inside or outside the organisation.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Read copy objectively and identify errors
  • Recognise good and bad copy
  • Re-structure copy so that it is readable
  • Correct grammar and punctuation
  • Ensure that house style is correctly adhered to
  • Edit written work so that it can be re-keyed correctly
  • Understand basic proofing symbols and apply them
  • Establish good proof-reading practices within the department
  • Construct a style guide and develop common standards

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Stage 1

  • How the proofing process works
  • Recognising common errors
  • Defining the purpose of copy
  • Taking the reader’s perspective
  • Making the content right for the reader
  • Understanding house style
  • Recognising typefaces

Stage 2

  • How to find errors in copy
  • Proof-reading marketing materials
  • Avoiding ambiguous copy
  • Understanding copy structure
  • Identifying roundabout copy
  • Using words economically
  • Recognising copy that does not contribute
  • Words that cause confusion
  • Making copy easier to understand
  • Exercise in reconstruction
  • Spotting errors in spelling

Stage 3

  • Paying attention to grammar
  • Recognising grammatical errors
  • Understanding punctuation and how to use it
  • Ensuring consistency in the written piece
  • Understanding proofing symbols and how to use them
  • Proof-reading exercises

Action planning
Review of Programme

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