Joanne Wynn – Ward Hadaway

I have been working in law firms since I was 16, I started out as an office junior and completed a Level 2 NVQ in IT. I then became a float secretary and was then promoted to a partner’s secretary around 12 months later. My first NVQ was a fundamental part of my development at that time. I then left that role and went to work for another company as PA to the Head of Education. I completed my Level 3 NVQ in Business Administration at Dickinson Dees with Key Training as I had a desire to continue to develop my skills and knowledge.

I am now working for Ward Hadaway for the Head of the Commercial Department and have been promoted to Department Coordinator and I oversee the support staff and all administration and support related matters for the whole of the Commercial Department.

I am currently part way through my Level 5 NVQ with Key Training in Leadership and Management and this has been an important part in my development and has assisted me greatly in addressing management issues within the department.

The NVQ’s I have completed have demonstrated my commitment to my own personal development and have helped me greatly in developing my skills to deliver the results that employer expects from me. I would not have been able to apply for the roles that I have held without this support to my development.