Mojnu Miah – Newport Pagnell Medical

In April 2013 I started my customer service apprenticeship with Key Training with Lesley Jones as my trainer.

I made some bad choices after I left school and dropped out of college twice from A levels and doing a BTEC course for less than a month. I felt like the ‘normal’ system was not for me as well as probably mixing with the wrong crowd probably did not help. I never really did well at all in my A Levels or my BTEC as I felt them to be overwhelming. I really just thought I wasn’t clever enough. From mid 2011 to the start of 2013 I was pretty much doing nothing and had this waiter job which I did shifts for every now and then.

I decided to try and make something of myself and found out about apprentice schemes and joined up. I was then soon doing an apprenticeship with the Newport Pagnell Medical Centre with Key Training and Lesley as my Trainer.

Its fair to say I was not the Ideal apprentice/student and did I cause her grief? Probably 100 percent more than any other apprentice she ever trained. For the first 3 months I did not just find the Job difficult to a certain extent but I never even did any of my apprentice work – same as my A Levels and BTEC I was starting to find it overwhelming. I was then pretty much ready to leave and I really did not feel motivated to carry on and felt like I am just not clever enough for this? There were three other apprentices already – one who passed who was doing amazing and then there’s me failing.

Lesley who was by this time very well in her right to be very frustrated with me came to my work to meet with my manager Lynn, she then explained her concerns and then came to speak to me. I pretty much felt like this was it and I could not continue the course and I would just leave. However this was not case, Lesley was so understanding and she just listened to me talk. She motivated me again. We then spoke to Lynn who is my manager and we all made a deal that I would do the best I could and put in 100 percent at work as I was not doing well at that time and turning up late all the time and not doing a lot of work for my apprenticeship.

That month was hard BUT Lesley was either at the end of an email of available over the phone. I am telling you it is only because of Lesley that I managed to do as much as I did in that month – she was a massive help and support. I ditched the bad friends, came to work on time and always gave 100 percent and within the coming months caught up and finished all my apprenticeship work early and was getting praise from all my work colleagues and patients. Lesley not only supported me with my apprenticeship but she was always there when I needed guidance for work? I heavily relied on her for advice at the start and then I needed her advice less and less as my confidence levels were rising and I was becoming more capable. Because of her I would not be where I am today.

After my apprenticeship I was offered a full time job with the Newport Pagnell Medical Centre as Lynn the operations manager and Caroline the practice manager said I was far to valuable to lose. Within 2 months I was promoted to IT support for the practice and was given a pay rise and again was given another pay rise because off all the praise I was getting from patients and colleagues. Caroline said I was very valuable and I deserved it. Within 4 months I was promoted to Team Leader as Lynn clearly stated that on all fronts I excelled and clearly displayed all the key features needed. This again came with a big pay rise. These Key Features came from Lesley’s advice and her training me.

From opening the post to becoming one of the four team leaders (who have been team leaders for 10 years plus) within 2 and half years is a massive achievement. I am now progressing very well and a couple of months ago was given another pay rise as I am always going above and beyond.

I might be getting all the praise, promotions and pay rises but I think its now fair for me to give praise to the person who no one knows about and it is solely because of her I have reached this far- Lesley. I owe her a massive thank you and words will never be enough for what she has done for me. I am living very comfortably and my life has changed around for the better because of her. She did not have to do as much for me as she has done, she really did go above and beyond. Who ever gets Lesley as a trainer in my eyes are guaranteed to succeed and realise their potential and do things far beyond what they ever expected.

Now saying all this Lesley probably does not even realise how much of a help she has been to me! As that’s probably the way she is and how she works, however not once did I say thank you to her properly. She tried so hard with me and because of how I was she probably thought I did not appreciate it or that she was not getting anywhere. I did appreciate and I still do appreciate it and, as I said before, words are not enough.

Mr Clarke thank you for taking your time to read this quick email which I have finally found time to write up after a busy work schedule.

I just wanted to say thank you to Lesley.


Mojnu Miah