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Ann has been a pleasure to work with!

I would like to give my feedback around my training consultant Ann Smith who I have been working with for 2 and Half years.

I started my journey with Key Training in a Traineeship for a Law company. Where I completed many different courses to help build my CV portfolio and confidence in a working environment. However, this employment didn’t expand into a Level 2 Apprenticeship. This was due to the return of previous staff members. Ann was very supportive throughout my time there and helped me throughout my time to look for new Apprenticeship opportunities. She helped me with my confidence to start again with new interviews etc.

I had to keep my options open so I visited many different interviews for the Level 2 Apprenticeship, with Ann supporting me throughout these also. I was keen to stay with Key Training due to the experience I had already received from Ann. I could contact her to discuss my feelings on each interview. Even though I was offered a few options, I didn’t feel these were for me for various reasons and Ann supported my decisions.

I was then offered an interview with the company I am in now in. It is a fantastic charity organisation with plenty of growing opportunities. I have also had the support from my manager, who has also completed both Level 2 & 3 with Key Training also.

On the same day of me been offered this Apprenticeship I was informed I was also offered the Apprenticeship at the Law firm where I did my Traineeship. Ann listened to my worries about starting at the charity as I was very nervous about starting somewhere with new people and would have been easy to just fit back into the Law firm.  Ann supported my decision to go with the charity.

Ann has supported me throughout both my Level 2 and Level 3. Throughout my two years I have been fully supported by Ann. I have been able to go to Ann with regards to any worries or extra support I may of needed throughout my time.

Ann has provided me full updates to all my qualifications, to state if I have passed or if they were under review etc. Ann has also provided me full support through obtaining my Functional Skills ICT and English Level 2. With support given to ensure that I was ready for the tests.

From the beginning of my Traineeship, I have been informed about the safeguarding and other support bits that Key Training offer their apprentices. With a reminder given every time I started a new qualification.

The Apprenticeship courses are pretty straight forward, with Ecordia been able easy navigate to support the build-up of the apprenticeship. I have been able to expand my knowledge in a work place thanks to the opportunities with Key Training that I have had.

Ann has been a pleasure to work with! I would definitely recommend Key Training on the experience I have had with my training consultant.

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