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Azz has been amazing from start to finish!

Recently I have a applied for an apprenticeship via Key Training. My application has been taken by recruitment consultant Azz Salam.

Azz has been amazing from start to finish! I have applied for various roles in the past and none have been done with such calmness and no one has shared my passion for the application as Azz did.

Not only has Azz taken my application from the very beginning and stayed with it past my interview today, he has also made me feel very comfortable. He has offered his advice for the interview process and made sure I was thoroughly prepared for the interview itself.

I rarely give feedback because usually I just never get round to it, however on this occasion I thought that Azz really deserved it. Regardless if I get the role or not, Azz has done all he can.

PS – He then got the job we sent him for!

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