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Cheryl has been a tremendous help

I am writing to you because I feel it necessary to share some feedback with how things were going with my Apprenticeship. I would also like to mention how pleased I was throughout the entire process.

My time within the company made me feel overwhelmingly welcome and everyone there has managed to put up with me and my constant mistakes to build me up to the employee I am today.

With no exception, my Assessor Cheryl has been a tremendous help with the way she has been involved with my learning process and building up on my experience as I’ve progressed through the year. Not only that but Cheryl has given me plenty of support and reassurance with my job as I was never really confident with it in the first place and now at the end of the year I am even being recommended to move up to the next level in qualification. I really do owe it to her and the training team at my workplace.

Many thanks

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