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Cheryl is my trainer and I wouldn’t want anyone else

I started my course on the 8/08/2016 studying recruitment, Cheryl is my trainer and I wouldn’t want anyone else.

Cheryl always comes in with a smile and brightens up the day. The best feature about Cheryl is she is always there to help and whenever I get stuck she solves the problem.

When I first started this role I had no idea about recruitment but Cheryl has built my knowledge and I have a clear understanding in the recruitment industry.

When I was at school I used to detest doing my homework but now when I get a piece I look forward to completing it, because of the knowledge of my work and Cheryl has trained me  up to learn.

I am very excited to progress and go onto my Level 3 as I love achieving goals.

My colleagues also love Cheryl as she is so full of joy when she comes in and always makes an effort to get involved and gets feedback from them about how I am progressing . My colleagues are always willing to give feedback and let Cheryl know what I have learnt.

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