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Currently in my 6th month of work and I am enjoying it.

Just sending some feedback regarding my Apprenticeship  through Key Training.

Currently in my 6th month of work and I am enjoying it. Still learning on the job constantly as I am working within the accounts and the care departments. I feel like it is really helping my confidence working within different departments as I am working with numbers of people who are working within the business and this gives my self esteem a boost when they notice you have done something good. Even though I have made mistakes, I am quick to act on them once told about the mistakes just to ensure that I am showing my skills to the different people. But overall within the business there are great people everywhere and the place is filled with a drive to improve constantly.

Suzanne from Key Training has helped me loads within these 6 months within my self and also within the business, as she has guided me to come out of my shell as such to ensure I gain skills and knowledge of things I didn’t know beforehand. Every time we have a one to one meeting I will always come out with notes and knowledge from the session we just had.

But overall, I am thoroughly enjoying it, even though it is hard work sometimes.

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