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Highly recommend to anyone looking to complete an apprenticeship

As my qualification is coming to an end, I would like to inform you of my experience with Key Training.

After applying for an apprenticeship vacancy on, I received a phone call within days from a very friendly female member of staff to confirm my details and find out a little bit more information about me. Shortly after this, I was contacted again with details for an interview for the vacancy that I had applied for. After attending the interview, I received another call asking for feedback on the interview, and was then told I was selected for a trial day so that I could see the role in action and make sure that it was right for me. I found the application process to be extremely efficient as I was working within a month of applying for the vacancy, I was also made to feel very comfortable and encouraged by the members of staff over the phone in finding the role that suited me.

On starting my Apprenticeship, I was visited by my Training Consultant, Daniel Lister, where he thoroughly explained how to use Ecordia and the way in which the apprenticeship process works with Key Training. Daniel also made sure that my manager was involved in choosing which units I completed as part of my apprenticeship and gave very useful advice on the units which would suit my role best. Daniel’s visits to my workplace were always very productive, well planned and structured which has helped me to complete my qualification at a very efficient rate. I am very pleased to have had Daniel as my Training Consultant as he was always friendly, hardworking and polite which has made achieving the qualification enjoyable throughout, he has also been very helpful when I have contacted him with any questions or concerns about my apprenticeship and had all my written submissions on Ecordia marked very quickly with excellent constructive feedback given.

Another aspect of Key Training which I have enjoyed, is the use of Ecordia. I found Ecordia to be very user friendly and an excellent alternative to attending college or doing paper based coursework. The aspects of Ecordia which I enjoyed the most are the way in which you can see how far along you are in your qualification by looking at the percentage completed and I also found the learning resources provided on the E-Learning link very useful when completing coursework.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed completing my qualification with Key Training and would highly recommend to anyone looking to complete an apprenticeship.

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