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I am not going to lie when it comes to maths I get frustrated!

I hope you are doing well? This is just a quick email as I have been asked to give feedback on my tutor/support worker.

I was assigned to Kayleigh Kulkarni for extra help with my maths after I failed my first exam. I am not going to lie when it comes to maths I get frustrated! I felt as though Kayleigh was very patient and understanding. She always told me I had the potential to pass and that I just needed to have confidence in myself. She is half of the reason I can say I’ve finally passed! (My hard work being the other half aha!).

In addition, she is always there to offer support and guidance, even though you aren’t in the same building you’d be surprised by how quick you can get a response!

If I had to give one learning point, then I would suggest more days where you can go into the Key training centre for a one on one session in person rather than on the phone. That applies to any subject and any Tutor. Some people have different ways in working/learning and sometimes a phone call doesn’t suffice. Having said that, I understand that not all employers will willingly give their apprentices a day off/time off for studying.

I hope this has been of some use and I wish yourself and Kayleigh all the best! Thank You again!

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