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I am really grateful for all the help

I have just been speaking with Suzanne about how important customer feedback is, so I thought I would give some feedback about the help Key Training has provided for me.

Since the start of my apprenticeship there has been a lot of challenging work given to me. However I never had to worry as I always knew my trainer would be there to help me which made me feel more relaxed about everything. At first it was confusing for me as I couldn’t get my head around all the different types of work I was given. Now I am more confident and everything is starting to sink in for me but I could never have done it without the help and support from my trainers. It was always easier knowing if I was unsure of something they were always going to be there to help me. Over the next few weeks I am willing to do work at home as there isn’t much time at work. I have only decided to do this because whilst being with Suzanne she has made me realise that it is better to get the work done to my best to impress people rather than it just be basic. She has pushed me to make me realise all the hard work is worth it, so I should go beyond my best. I am really grateful for all the help Suzanne and my past two trainers have done for me.

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