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I couldn’t have asked for a better Tutor to spend my year with


I have just completed my Apprenticeship with Key training and I am wanting to give some feedback on my Training Consultant.

Throughout my entire Apprenticeship Cheryl has helped me. I have never been stuck or felt like I had no one there to help me with any of my questions. I was behind on my work for some personal reasons and Cheryl helped me to get back on track and always allowed time for me so I could catch up and not feel like I was behind on anything, which would have stressed me out.

I find that Cheryl goes above and beyond for all her learners, making sure we have the support and help we needed from the beginning to end. I have never felt like I was left in the dark and I have always felt happy to turn to Cheryl for any help needed and it was reassuring that I knew I would always get the best help possible.

I would like to say thank you for all the support I have had from Cheryl and your company throughout my whole Apprenticeship. I couldn’t have asked for a better Tutor to spend my year with. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on this Apprenticeship because I find it very easy to have a good relationship with Cheryl and that I can always turn to her for any help needed.

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