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I have to say that throughout the process, the tutor Taslima has been an amazing beacon of support

This letter is in regards to feedback on course delivery to the two members of our staff who completed this training with your organisation.

One was Paulette, a very competent and self-motivated member of the admin team who gained just the right amount of support and time from her tutor to help her commit to and complete this course without too many barriers. I feel this has led her to feel more empowered and given her a well needed boost in self-confidence. I know that when talking to her she reports that this course has been beneficial to her working life although I do not personally line manage her.

For our teaching assistant Daniel, the journey has been longer and harder. He has had an enormous amount of patient and committed help and support from his tutor. He started off not really committing to follow up with learning in any of his own time and found it difficult to commit to within work hours. However, with perseverance and a great amount of push from the tutor he began to become more committed and focused. Although, he struggled academically at times, he stuck with it and began being braver about asking for help from his colleagues.

His self-confidence has grown to such an extent that he is now planning and leading weekly training sessions for other TAs in a specific area of CPD. We are extremely proud of Daniel and feel this has been an invaluable process and experience for him to go through, both personally and professionally. The skills he has acquired through the course are impacting on the support that he can offer to pupils and in his own confidence to be able to do so.

I would definitely recommend Key training to others although if it were in a school setting, I would ensure learners are ready and committed to focussing on some of the learning within their own time. I would also advise the school that this can be difficult to timetable at times so they need to be fully committed and able to do this.

I have to say that throughout the process, the tutor Taslima has been an amazing beacon of support for both learners but more so Daniel. I am sure that together they have faced some challenging times, but she has always patiently supported and encouraged him through and for that we are extremely grateful. I know that both members of staff are grateful for all of her hard work and unwavering support and they are both so proud of themselves and their achievements, as are we.

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