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Joe and Hitesh made me feel comfortable right from the start.

When I started at Key Training I was not that confident with talking in groups and my skill within Maths and English. I was scared about starting because I had not been in a classroom environment for a long time. But Joe and Hitesh made me feel comfortable right from the start.

Even though at the start I kept to myself and didnt really ask for help because I was nervous. But as time went on I started to get involved with group talks and when I wasnt comfortable with the group I was in, I was able to talk to Joe and Hitesh and they listened to me and helped solve the problem by moving my class.

Since being in my new class I have been enjoying myself a lot more. I have come so far in my maths because Hitesh takes the time to explain things and really helps me understand. Since being at Key Training i’ve become so much more confident with my maths and english. And to achieve my level 1 in english and maths makes me so happy and proud that the hard work i’ve put in has paid off.

Key Training has really helped me grow as a person. The teachers have helped me so much because they are always there to listen to me and help in any way they can and treat me with respect. So Key Training has helped me so much.

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