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Key Training has certainly left a positive impression on me

I am writing to inform you of what a wonderful experience I have had with Key Training. Although belated, I do feel the need to inform you of what excellent service I received from Chloe Abbs. When I was looking for an apprenticeship previously, she was extremely helpful and professional (whilst also being very polite). I must add that the sheer politeness and approachability of Ms. Abbs (along with her high level of professionalism) really did make finding an apprenticeship easier.
Although I did end up taking an apprenticeship with another training provider (this was last year), I must assure you that this was only because of the actual apprenticeship vacancy – Chloe has been, out of all the many different people from different training providers I have spoken to in the past, the best recruitment consultant I have spoken to.
Due to the fact that I left the apprenticeship I was previously in (simply due to the fact that I rushed into the apprenticeship), I am now looking for a new apprenticeship that is better suited to me and have found one with Key Training (one which I have applied for and thought very seriously and thoroughly about this time and have found that it would be the perfect role for me)
I must say that the current lady who is helping me with the application process (regarding this current apprenticeship) at the moment, Molly Bergdahl, is also very professional, polite, and approachable; It is also very impressive to note that she has responded to my emails very promptly which is something that I appreciate massively.

It astonishes me how professional, dedicated and polite your employees are, and I have never felt more comfortable in allowing these people to assist me with finding the right apprenticeship for me and help me with the application processes that allow me to pursue this.

I really do hope that these praises are noted, as I am very thankful for all the help that Key Training has provided me with thus far.

Key Training has certainly left a positive impression on me, and if I do ever run into anyone else seeking an apprenticeship this will be the training provider I will recommend.

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