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May I praise and approve of Lesley’s dedication

I have taken it upon myself to do this because, it’s good to let that person know how appreciative you are of them – I also strive to hear that Lesley has been promoted ???? ???? ????

May I praise and approve of Lesley’s dedication, my appreciation for her and how much I feel it is an honour for her to be involved in my learning life and the commitment and help she provides.

I feel adamant that I will not fail my Apprenticeship with Lesley by my side. I feel supported and always find out my strengths through her charisma – she makes it known that a weakness is not a failure nor does it reflect your worthiness????

This is why I am confident at what I do and going 8 months strong and wiser into my Apprenticeship continuing to aim high ????

Thank you Lesley x

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