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Nick Oakes – Servoca Nursing & Care

Servoca Nursing & Care find Key Training Ltd to offer an extremely valuable service which compliments a number of our internal operations including Advertising, Source & Selection, Recruitment and Training.

As well as being personable and friendly, Account Managers and Consultants are always extremely helpful and work hard to offer additional services such as searching for candidates with specific experience and skills and even look out for personality traits which fit our own ethos and identity. They are very professional and have an acute understanding of how a healthcare recruitment business operates which brings a fluidity and understanding to the relationship.

Key Training Ltd offers a range of personal development opportunities for Apprentices which ultimately improves the overall standard of our business. The training platform is easy to use and allows Apprentices and Employers to easily track progress and accomplishments. Candidates have face-to-face appraisals and regular contact with Training Consultants who also provide informative and useful feedback to employers.

Key Training Ltd offer a fantastic service which I would recommend to Employers and Apprentices alike.

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