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Nothing is ever a bother for Anne and you can tell she loves her job

I have now just about finished my 2 year apprenticeship with Key Training, and I would just like to say how grateful and appreciative I am of having this opportunity and having Anne as my Tutor for the past 2 years.

I have been fortunate enough to have someone like Anne with me for the past 2 years to get me through this, through thick and thin. Since day one Anne has been very helpful through all of my work giving me positive feedback when appropriate, and feedback on when I have needed to add something on to my work and/or change it completely when I didn’t understand but in a positive way, never letting me feel like I have done something completely wrong.

Anne has also given me constructive criticism, which has only enhanced my ability, not only in my written work for Key Training but also in my job role as a whole, giving me the confidence and attitude a receptionists needs.

I have also had some struggle with work in the middle of 2016 which was not a good time for me. Anne however stuck by my side and made sure I was OK, as well as letting me know that she had my back, and if needed she would be there if anything had happened. The support from Anne again has just been tremendous and it will be sad to think I wont be getting my monthly visits and catch up with her.

This job role for Anne fits her to perfection as she is confident, approachable and very positive. Nothing is ever a bother for Anne and you can tell she loves her job.

I would like to say thank you for everything and a big THANK YOU to Anne, I know that she will be a definite miss at the Surgery and I wish all the best for her.

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