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She has helped me to get a step closer to my dream.

I applied for one of the apprenticeship your team offers and less than 24 hours Shannon got back to me. She’s honestly one of the nicest and most friendly staff I have spoken too. From the start of my application she has ensured that I was aware of how the apprenticeship & interview process worked. Before , my interview she ensured that she practiced a few interview style questions and she also , gave me feedback on how to improve further. She also, called me before and  after the interview and motivated me to stay positive and confident . She has constantly made sure that she kept me updated on what was happening with the apprenticeship.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Shannon because she truly has been an amazing help. If it wasn’t for Shannon’s help and encouragement I wouldn’t have got the apprenticeship. She has helped me to get a step closer to my dream. Not only has she helped me but she has also made me feel comfortable and made me laugh. She’s a really lovely girl.

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