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She is a credit to Key Training.

I am writing to express my gratitude to Kerry Page, my course assessor, who has been my guiding light whilst completing my Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools level 2. She has been an absolute godsend in being at the end of the phone, email when I have been having ‘meltdowns’. Kerry has been the one that has calmed me down and talked me through whatever my problem is, even down to helping me upload units to Ecordia!!! Kerry has given me positive feedback when earned but has also expressed when she feels that I could do or know more than I am actually doing. I am pleased to have finished the course but also sad that I will no longer be hearing from Kerry. I am hoping that my school will let me go ahead with the Level 3 course as Kerry has given me the belief and confidence to take it on. 

 Once again, thank you to Key Training for giving me the chance to gain this qualification but my main, and HUGE thanks, go to Kerry Page. She is a credit to Key Training.

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