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Operations Manager Apprenticeship Level 5.

This is just to detail my experience on the above named course from Key Training.

I started the course thinking I might not be able to complete it or, at best, complete the course in maybe 2 years or more. But here I am now, course completed in 15 months despite the several changes as regards to my work. My last academics was in Africa and over 15 years ago.

The following came to the fore during this training:

  • My confidence grew as the course progressed
  • Things I didn’t know about myself were revealed
  • The positive change in me and my approach was noticed by those around me especially those who reported to me
  • My salary was increased during this course as I have made some changes to some processes which have impacted positively on the branch
  • My boss trusts me more and was able to also see the positive changes
  • Analyses of issues and events are now better through this course
  • Was able to research on the topics I wasn’t familiar with to better my understanding
  • The things I was doing before but not realising the importance or the impact on others were vividly highlighted through this course
  • I am now a better person, colleague, manager and subordinate; thanks to this course

The above and more were gained through the above named course and I can’t be more appreciative

The changes in me from where I started and now is so massive that even my family notices.

Above could not have been possible without the enormous support from Chris Clarke. He was very supported from beginning to the end, probably I may not have completed the course without him. So to Chris, thank you for your support, understanding, explanations and perseverance. I really really appreciate.

And to Key Training, the course is well structured and designed to test the students with a view to bringing out the best in them. Thanks for the opportunity.

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