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Thank you Key Training for getting me an Apprenticeship.

I am a sixteen year old student currently attending College doing a traineeship.

I have recently gained enough courage to start applying for Apprenticeships as I think I am ready to take one on.

I applied for an apprenticeship on which was done through your company Key Training and got a response within a day! Which I thought was amazing.

I was contacted by a Mr Michael Cherry-Downes about the Apprenticeship and how we would go about sorting it out. He asked me about myself and I gave him my full honesty. I was myself and told him I didn’t get the best grades but he didn’t care, he believed in me.

I am writing to you just to ask if you could give Michael a lot of praise as he has not only secured me this Apprenticeship for me within one week of applying but was extremely helpful, polite and friendly in the process.

I think he is a great person who strives to get the best out of people who do not have the best confidence and have not achieved a lot with their education.

He is the only person that has contacted me about an Apprenticeship I have applied in which I have been doing for four months with no responses!

If you could give him praise that would be great.

Thank you Key Training for getting me an Apprenticeship. I will for sure recommend this company to others in need as I think it is a great company to get into work no matter your situation.

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