Unexpected and Exciting Career Paths for Data Professionals

Unexpected and Exciting Career Paths for Data Professionals

Data skills are in huge demand in a wide range of different sectors. Training in data gives people the skills to gather and analyse complex and highly valuable datasets and this is a skill required in almost every industry you can imagine.

Data careers have a bit of a bad reputation. People imagine them to be boring and requiring hours sat in front of computers simply analysing numbers. This is very far from the truth. Data is the key to innovation in a wide range of exciting and vital industries and with data training, there is scope to find a career in many different lines of work. Let’s look at five exciting industries crying out for qualified data analysts and technicians.


Smart use of data can be integral to an athlete or team’s success. Smart use of data in the sports industry can help to push its effectiveness and figures from the US show that sport data analytics is an industry already worth over $4bn.

Whatever your favourite sport there are data opportunities within. Manchester United and many top football clubs employ data analysts to enhance their game strategy. In other sports, such as golf, the latest analytics can be used to hone and test the perfect swing. There are almost limitless opportunities with data to support a career in sports as well as in subsidiary areas such as sports marketing and nutrition.


Data journalists create creative and informative stories from fact-based findings all delivered from their data analysis. Data journalists take raw figures and use their creative and flair for the written word to create a narrative that readers can enjoy. As more data enters the public domain from all kinds of sources, from leaks to older data becoming public record, the best journalists need highly honed data analysis skills to capture the most pressing stories.

Medical Science

Data is becoming the driver behind the personalised care necessary to keep on top of the world’s healthcare needs. The NHS employs data and information analysts at a central level but also in individual hospitals. Data professionals examine data and report on important hospital management issues such as waiting times and bed capacity. Health data can also be used to predict future trends in treatment needs and support medical research.


Whenever you log onto Netflix or YouTube, there’s a set of recommendations waiting for you. These recommendations are driven by complex algorithms and these algorithms rely upon data. Huge volumes of datasets are pumped out by media consumers every second and highly skilled data analysts can capture and examine this data to determine the future of streaming or other media services. Data analysis and predictive modelling can even play a role in whether a series is commissioned or not. A career media data could see you deciding the next big on-screen hit.

International Tech Giants

Who wouldn’t want the chance to work with one of the top five international tech giants? Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Meta are in constant need of highly experienced and talented data professionals These companies recognise the value of their data and finding new ways to manipulate and analyse it for the development of new products and services. These global brands are an attractive prospect whatever your career goals and with data experience, you’re also an attractive prospect to them.
Data experience and training opens a wide range of opportunities in many diverse and exciting industries.