Upskilling Employees for Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, some permanently, and it has been a huge catalyst for workplace change. The mass experiment of remote work has led many businesses to see its long-term benefits and for others, they’ve come to appreciate how valuable their premises and on-site team really are. However, with proper frameworks and systems in place, many people had to work a lot harder than usual to achieve the same productivity levels from home.

Data collected from the PwC Perform Plus Platform shows that some people have developed into “super achievers” during the uncertainty of the last year, but many others have struggled and felt under pressure. Being “always on” isn’t viable for most people and instead, being properly trained and upskilled will help improve resilience and adaptability in uncertain times.

Supporting your employees to reskill and upskill has a multitude of business and personal career benefits too.

Embrace Change for a Flexible Working Future

Most organisations are still operating with some remote employees, and this has allowed for hybrid working environment to develop. This kind of flexible working environment benefits the employer and employees as work can be managed around other commitments, with largely positive outcomes. Seamless, real-time communication allows employees to be as connected and present as if they were sat next to you and upskilling those in digital literacy who may benefit from  more flexible working approach is a sensible business decision.

Equipping your employees with the tools to successfully “work from anywhere” creates a happier and more productive business.

Build an Engaged Community at Work

McKinsey report reskilling is a priority concern for 80% of executives so a work environment where continued learning and development is possible is a must. Employees need to feel they have the scope to grow within their workplace and an engaged work community with strong leadership interested and committed to further career development for all employees is key to this. An organisational culture of learning, motivation and continued professional development minimises the need to hire from outside of the company as your employees are all working towards their next promotion.

Lifelong Learning

Upskilling is one way of always ensuring your employees have something new and interesting to engage them in their work. The scope to take on new online courses, learn in new areas or try out different departments will all help to motivate them, as well as give them the tools needed in times of uncertainty. Having a wider skillset and more confident in different areas of a business gives working professionals additional protection against hard times and unexpected events. Creating a culture of lifelong learning will keep current employees motivated and build a reputation which attracts high quality talent when it is needed.