Airsprung Group PLC upskill with Key Training

Airsprung Beds and Gainsborough upskill with Key Training

Transformation is the ‘word’ for 2023 at two companies within the Airsprung Group, Airsprung Beds and Gainsborough.  Heading up the changes at Airsprung are Paul Little Managing Director and Kevin Cullen Operations Director, and supporting with people development is Key Training’s John Lewis Jones Training Manager.

Change is Good

Airspung is a fantastic brand, it’s been in business since 1871 with a commitment to quality, traditional craft and technical innovation, Airsprung is one of the first UK bedding manufactures to create the interior sprung mattress in 1930.  

Quality and value for money have been the cornerstone of the company`s success, a motto that both Paul and Kevin are keen to take to the next level.  Both Paul and Kevin are recent additions to Airsprung, but have been firmly established in the furniture sector for some time, bringing all their know-how and energy to create an efficient business.

Kevin says ‘Airsprung Group PLC have recently invested in new capital equipment, improved and streamlined production methods, we’ve created a new staffing structure and have won some new contracts to bolster this activity. The future is looking good. Our main focus now is our leadership team.’  
People Matter

So,how do Key Training fit in?

Kevin is very passionate about making sure his staff are fully prepared and feel competent to cope with the growth of Airsprung. Now that assets are in place, he can focus on making sure his people are trained to make them better leaders.

John Lewis Jones of Key Training said  “I have known Kevin Cullen for over15 years’, I made contact when he started with Airsprung in May2022, and been following the company’s improvements with anticipation. Kevin invited me visit the site and to meet his senior colleagues.”

Airsprung’s first stage of their people development vision is to have competent leadership!

John goes onto say “I met with the cohort to discuss training, they were keen to get started. We had a question and answer session to go through the course objectives, the delivery and commitments to each other. The directors of Airsprung are committed to their new culture of transformation and improvement, and to provide their staff with the right tools for the job."

In the photo we have Airsprung Beds and Gainsborough employees, seven are starting Team Leading Level 3, two are starting Learning and Development Level 3, one is beginning Operations Departmental Management. And one is perusing AAT.

This is the start of a great relationship between Airsprung and Key Training and we can’t wait to catch up with Kevin, Paul and the cohort to find out how upskilling’s made improvements to their people and processes.

If you would like to know more about Upskill and in particular the following mentioned above, click on the links for more information.

Team Leader Level 3

Learning and Development Level 3

Operations Departmental Manager Level 5

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