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At Key Training we are committed to working in partnership with our employers to design and deliver workplace Apprenticeship Training Programmes across a broad range of subject areas.

Our Apprenticeship Programmes are designed for learners at all levels, covering a wide range of roles and sectors in order to upskill existing employees and train new recruits in line with specific business goals and needs.

Why hire an apprentice?
Apprenticeships are a great way to grow your workforce and harness talent. They can help you to introduce new faces, skills and ideas into your business – especially with the government offering to fund potentially all of the training costs.

92% said Apprenticeships led to staff being more motivated andincreased job satisfaction

Access up to £1000 government grant per apprentice

81% said employing an apprentice generated higher overall productivity for their business

Our approach at Key Training

Our approach is simple, we find the right person to fill your skills gap. We do this by listening to your company needs and match this with the capability and ambition of the young apprentice.


Understand your needs

We take the time to understand your business and its growth needs.

We conduct a training needs analysis where we identify gaps and provide you with the best guidance on staff development and growth.

Funding choices are explained clearly and all relevant paperwork is completed.


Recruit apprentices

A free recruitment service.

We walk you through the government's Apprenticeship Service page to create your vacancy(s).

We interview candidates by carrying out a thorough advice and guidance session with the apprentice. We  judge their interest and capability and this is to make sure we match the right learner to your company.


Onboard apprentices

The employer, the employee and Key Training work together, we talk though the qualifications and how it's delivered.

The learner is required to do a maths and English assessment this is fundamental in understanding the learners starting point, we evaluate their current knowledge, set a training plan and agree on a start date.


Online digital training

We're ready to go...

We agree apprentice start date.
Contact is made with the apprentice and company to arrange an induction.

We complete an employee and apprentice review every 12 weeks to discuss progression and development.

Our apprenticeship programmes

Business administration

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Customer Service Practitioner

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Customer Service Specialist

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HR Consultant Partner

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HR Support

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Information Communications Technician

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Learning & Development Practitioner

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Operations/Departmental Manager

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Recruitment Consultant

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Recruitment Resourcer

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Team Leader Supervisor

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