Business administration apprenticeships with Key Training

Chloe Explains the Benefits of doing an Apprenticeship

Team leader Chloe Henderson has never looked back after doing a workplace Apprenticeship with Key Training.

Chloe works for ITC Service – which provides reliable, managed IT services for North-East businesses. ITC have offices in  Hebburn on South Tyneside and Cramlington in Northumberland

“I chose Key because I had read good reviews on the website about the training they provided.

“When I first rang Key to discuss Apprenticeship options, they were extremely friendly and down-to-earth which put me at ease straightaway”,

Chloe enrolled onto the Business Administration Level 3 programme which she found extremely useful in her job role.

“I learnt about the key sectors in businesses and how without them, the business cannot run to full functionality. I also carried out some customer service modules which helped me learn different ways of communicating”.

What do you think are the benefits of choosing an Apprenticeship?

“You gain a wealth of knowledge from hands-on learning, and you gain a qualification which helps towards future jobs,” says Chloe.

“I learnt better from carrying out the work as opposed to learning about this at college.

“In my current job role, when we recruit for new Apprentices, I always mention Key Training as a source. Key Training were fantastic throughout my Apprenticeship.

“I was assigned an assessor and she helped explain my course work and assessed my task. All in all, it was an extremely enjoyable experience”.

If you would like to do a Business Administration Apprenticeship like Chloe, here are more details

or, speak to Key Training 0800 101 7101 or to start your journey.

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