From Apprentice to Recruitment Consultant

Here's Kristian Hammond's Apprenticeship Story

I first heard of Key Training in July 2015 and in the more than 7 years since, I have had the pleasure of calling them my training provider, employer and now a valued client. I joined Key Training as a sales apprentice and witnesses first-hand the excellent information, advice and guidance that their recruitment team provide to aspiring apprentice’s. I was provided with a detailed explanation of exactly how my apprenticeship would work and what I needed to do each step of the way to ensure I was successful.


Whilst working for Key Training I completed 3 apprenticeships that furthered my knowledge and ability to succeed in my role which progressed throughout my time with the Business. My first apprenticeship was in Business Administration which taught me some fundamental skills and behaviours that I used to help me settle into what was at the time my first ever job. I was provided fantastic support throughout my apprenticeship by my learning coach and someone was always just one call or email away should I need support. As my role progressed and moved into Recruitment, I started my second apprenticeship to continue my development. My second apprenticeship was a Recruitment level 3 standard which thought me so much about the industry and some of the principles I learnt back then are still the same ones I use today.

Following a promotion I was keen to continue my development which led me to undertaking the Team leader level 3standard which was brand new at the time. This programme touched on everything from management styles to dealing with challenging behaviours, under performance and so much more. As someone who was new to a team leading role at the time, I found this apprenticeship aligned perfectly with the challenges I was facing in my new role and I was able to put the skills and knowledge I was gaining from the apprenticeship into my role straight away. Throughout my final apprenticeship the continued support from my coach never changed and I still felt as supported as I did on day 1 of my first apprenticeship.

Since leaving Key Training I have had the pleasure of supporting them hire new staff, it’s been so refreshing to see that the new employee’s I have supported into jobs with Key Training share the same passion and desire to support each and every learner.

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