eChem recommends Key Training to increase productivity

One organisation that knows the importance of a well-trained workforce is eChem, a chemical manufacturing company.

eChem booked two employees onto our Microsoft Introduction to Excel Course and since then the company has seen a significant improvement in their performance.

Stephanie Cook, Commercial services and Quality Manager with FACI Group, said: “Well-trained staff are very important to ensure smooth operation within such a small team”.

Both employees are involved in sales and customer service.

“The feedback was incredibly positive. Both attendees said the information taught was clear and informative,” explained Stephanie.

“The instructor was thorough and helpful throughout the course. Both would recommend the course to others”.

Since the two members of staff attended the course Stephanie says eChem have seen a significant improvement in the use of Excel from the attendees.

The efficiencies brought to both the sales and customer service roles alone, have bee so significant that the company has enrolled a further four staff members onto the Excel Introduction Course and enrolled the two attendees onto the Intermediate Course in April.

“We would highly recommend Key Training to other organisations after the experience we had,” said Stephanie

eChem is a major chemical manufacturer with production facilities in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

They are part of the FACI global group which has additional sites in Italy, Spain, the USA, Singapore and China.

eChem were looking to improve the use of IT in theworkplace.

The company approached Key Training when they wantedto help staff improve their knowledge of Excel in the workplace.

Now after enrolling on Key Training’s Introduction to Excel course, the company says it has helped their employees enormously –with improved IT performance and increased productivity.

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