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GatenbySanderson is the UK’s leading people intelligence business advising public services, not for
profit and education. We work within some of the most complex, challenging and highly scrutinised
environments to deliver effective leadership and accelerate change. We find and develop leaders
that shape a better society.

And here’s what Donna Beeson-Etty says about Key Training:

“During 2022 we have tested the Key Training Leadership Training course with one of our Senior
Managers, with a view to assessing whether this could provide the robust leadership training
programme that all Managers could develop through.

The course is very thorough, and the process is well structured. For the duration of the course, we
were assigned a dedicated Course Leader Ben, who was very knowledgeable and provided excellent
support, feedback and mentoring to our manager as he has progressed through the course – if an
area needed more focus Ben would increase support on that topic. I have seen a significant
improvement in the Managers confidence in his role as he has progressed through the stages of the
course. What works particularly well with the Key Training Leadership course is the mix of training/
learning sessions combined with the work-based coursework and mentor support. The process
involves regular assessments against competencies, skill levels and behaviours at the start of the
course and then throughout the course gaining views of the trainer, the manager undertaking the
course and myself as the business stakeholder- this 360 engagement and review model provides the
right level of support for the manager undertaking the course, allows them to get the maximum
amount of mentoring from multiple stakeholders throughout the process and allowed me as the
business stakeholder to understand the areas of focus and allocate opportunities for the Manager to
test their learnings in the work environment.

What I particularly like about the course is the portfolio of evidence the manager has to provide
demonstrating that they have applied the knowledge at each stage, this allows the manager to test
and refine their approach in manageable chunks rather than just going on a more theoretical course
with no applied learning. This Manager will now be able to progress onto the next course in line with
their longer-term aspirations.”

Donna Beeson-Etty, Transformation Director – GatenbySanderson

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