Here's Tom starting his career with digital skills

Tom joined the Digital Skills Traineeship to gain new skills and build connections to grow a career in digital.

After finishing School, Tom attended Sixth Form in Durham. Interested in pursuing a career in games development, he chose IT, Games Development and Sports at Sixth Form. He felt that he wanted to learn in a more hands-on environment and that the class-room only learning wasn't suited to him. After his first year at Sixth Form, Tom chose to leave and find something more suitable for himself and his career goals.

Tom had found out about the Digital Skills Traineeship online and was interested in the style of the programme. Unlike College or Sixth Form, a Traineeship is a shorter course leading to employment in an apprenticeship. The Digital Skills Traineeship includes six weeks in the workshop, six weeks of work placement and two weeks back in the workshop. Traineeships are also a pathway into employment and apprenticeship opportunities.

Tom started the Digital Skills Traineeship and is looking forward to gaining work experience for future employment. He hopes to gain skills in Adobe software such as InDesign and Premiere Pro whilst on work placement.

"I think the benefits of completing a Traineeship is getting a taste of the theory-side before going into work placement and a job. Also seeing how the work placement goes before making a choice of career." says Tom.

Tom has been growing his skills on the Traineeship, refreshing his memory of spreadsheets and PowerPoint. Project management and development.

Tom enjoys the hands-on side of the course and is looking to get into a creative career. His favourite part is working on a project with others.

Tom also goes on to say "The Traineeship is a good way to know if a career in digital is something you want and what options are out there in that sector with support from the Tutor."

If you would like to start your career in the digital and creative world contact Charley on 07806 767 229 / 01325 311 832 or

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