Key Training and Marmion Recruitment's Sophie - How it's going!

Marmion recruitment consultant Sophie Grazier describes her experience on a Key Training Apprenticeship as “brilliant”.

“I came from a hospitality background and previously worked in hotels, so recruitment was a completely different way of life for me”.

Sophie says Key learning coach Katie Jones, made the transition from hospitality to recruitment very easy for her.

“It’s been brilliant – Katie is so easy to work with – she knows her stuff. It’s been good.

“I joined Marmion in November 2021 and started my Recruitment Consultant Level 3 Apprenticeship with Key Training in March 2022. (Course details here 62ff5cb82e31dc3ce4c458c4_Key-Recruitment-Consultant-L3-V2.pdf (

“I am now about to start my End Pont Assessment and looking forward to getting my qualification”.

Sophie says she would recommend Key Training to anyone considering an Apprenticeship.

“It’s fantastic when you see how your Apprenticeship relates to the work you are actually doing and it gives you are ally great feeling”, says 26-yearold Sophie.

Katie Jones, Leaning Coach of Key Training says "We are very proud of Sophie and pleased to be working with Marmion Recruitment to upskill staff. We like to work with companies with a similar culture to Key, by investing in your people you're investing in your future. Marmion are a honest, transparent and ethical recruitment consultancy service, they promise both employers and candidates they'll be transparent and act on their best interests every single time. This is a great working relationship!

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