Mason's story as a Digital Marketing Trainee

Where to look for an enjoyable career...

During school, Mason didn’t have a career goal in-mind, he just knew he wanted to find an enjoyable career.

Mason attended Sedgefield Community College and decided he would progress onto further education. Unfortunately he didn’t get onto the course he wanted and decided on Electrical Insulation as a second choice, but after a while, he felt it wasn’t something he wanted to do long-term.

He then tried his hand at IT and Cyber Security by joining a Cyber Security course with a local Training Provider. And again, after a while he felt this just wasn’t the right fit for him either.

Mason enjoyed parts of IT and he has a passion for creativity and felt Digital Marketing was a better fit. He looked into digital marketing courses and came across, Key Training's Digital Skills Traineeship in Newton Aycliffe. He felt an instant connection, and that the training in this course would be more beneficial to the career he wanted to pursue.

Mason says - "This course has stuck with me and has helped me more than any other previous course. When I first started the Traineeship, I thought it sounded too good to be true, I thought it was perfect to get into. I like the idea of getting into work through the support of the Traineeship. I knew a few things before the Traineeship but I’ve learnt so much now and I’m just taking it all in as I go. I think I will benefit from gaining qualifications to support me going into employment.
My tutor Jo is sound, a very lovely person, the class are perfect and respectful.”

Mason has been growing skills in project management, something he hadn’t learnt about before the Traineeship. Part of the programme includes the Trainees' managing a project which replicates a real working project. For this project Mason has worked on designing a logo and collaborating with others on the Traineeship.

“My favourite part of the Traineeship has been coming in and talking to everyone and getting support from the Tutor and other Trainees. I’ve also enjoyed making friends and helping myself to gain employment. I feel really motivated to get started as an apprentice working in the creative industry.” said Mason

Mason’s Auntie Christine came along to the welcome sessions and has shared some feedback on how she found the session and her thoughts on the Traineeship.

“I thought the welcome session was very informative and interesting. All the questions were answered well. I think the Traineeship is a perfect opportunity and a good introduction into an Apprenticeship. It is a good stepping stone to gradually build up to an Apprenticeship for anyone who has left school and college and need that bit of experience before going in to work. Mason did have doubts on the second or third day as he felt he was covering things he had already done at school. However, after having a conversation with family, he did refocus and we explained that not only do you have to get to know them, they also have to get to know you and the level you are working at.” – Christine

Mason hopes to gain an Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing or Content Creation after the Traineeship, with future ambitions of working in the creative field and owning his own digital marketing agency one day!

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