Microsoft Excel Special Offer

You've got to start somewhere with EXCEL!

You've got to start somewhere and with some professional help you can be the colleague with the knowledge!

We offer one-day virtual courses in

Microsoft Introduction

Microsoft Intermediate

Microsoft Advanced

You have two options here,

Book to join a class as an individual or book a class where you can gather up to 8 team members from your company- how does that sound?

We have a couple of great offers to share for September and October!

Join a class

If you have one or two members of staff that you would like to train up in excel, our 1 day course is perfect. It's available in three levels, depending on the needs of the learner and your business.

In September and October only, we are offering day sessions at buy one get one half price.

So that would be £150.00 for the first booking and £75.00 for the second - what a great saving.

Book a class of up to 8 delegates

If you have a group of staff that you would like trained up, have you thought of booking a class?

We have a great offer of RRP £645 now only £595 for up to 8 staff members.

Let us know the dates that you are after and we will work with you to secure the date.

To secure your place(s) contact Key Training on 0800 101 7101 or

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