The Benefits of Key Training Apprenticeships for Employers

The Benefits of Key Training Apprenticeships for Employers

With 86% per cent of employers saying Apprenticeships have helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation, Apprenticeships offer a valuable opportunity to train individuals based on the specific needs of your organisation.

Bridge View Medical Group in Sunderland know the benefits of employing an Apprentice. Business manager Wendy Page explains why they use Key Training to expand their workforce and upskill existing team members:

“For an employer, the benefit of employing an Apprentice is the opportunity of showing that person how to do the job the way you would like it to be done, giving them the skills and knowledge to do it well and hopefully, progress through the organisation”.

What qualities do you look for in an Apprentice?

“Enthusiasm, an interest in the job, a willingness to learn and be part of a team. Confidence and skills will develop over time. Both the employer and the Apprentice also gain an insight into whether they area good fit into the team and organisation”.

Wendy says it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit staff who have the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to hit the ground running – unless they are moving from another practice, which means that practice must then recruit.

Says Wendy: “By employing an Apprentice, we’re offering someone the opportunity of work experience, giving them the skills todo the job, but adapting their training to suit business needs”.

Wendy also feels that an Apprentice comes with afresh outlook and potentially some skills that longer serving staff may nothave, particularly in this digital world, so everyone can learn from each otherand upskill the workforce.

How cost effective are Apprenticeships?

“By employing an Apprentice, we receive an additional member of staff for at least a year who receives full training at little cost to the business. The ideal outcome at the end of that year is that the person becomes a valued member of the team with good knowledge of the business and the right skills to do the job.

“I would definitely recommend Apprenticeships to other employers looking to fill any skills gaps”.

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