Why adults should consider an apprenticeship

The idea of adult apprenticeships is a bit of a myth, any apprenticeship is open to adults of all ages so they are all essentially “for adults”. However, apprenticeships do have a reputation for being a choice simply for school and college leaves aged between 16 and 18 and this isn’t the case. By 2010, there were 180,000 apprenticeship staters aged 19+ and 54.000 of these were actually over 45. Apprenticeships are an effective training tool whatever your age and more adults should get involved and see the benefits they bring.

As an adult you may believe apprenticeships are not a viable option, but this simply isn’t true. There is no upper age limit, and you simply have to be living in England not in full-time education. They can help improve the opportunities available to you within your career or be the kickstart you need for a new career move.

How do apprenticeships help adults?
If you’re working in a role where you need to acquire a whole new set of skills or your current position is changing and there are new things to learn, you could consider a relevant apprenticeship to get you up to speed. Alternatively, apprenticeships are a great move for people looking to change career. It can be the tool you need to drive the change you want in your life and help you spark a new interest in your working life.

Further education for adults
An apprenticeship is an effective way to further your education whilst still in employment. You begin as a novice in your chosen skill area but by the end, you’ll have mastered the skill and perhaps even consider yourself an expert. An apprenticeship combines practical skills training and theoretical knowledge, so you have a rounded understanding of and experience in the career area you’ve chosen. Completing your apprenticeship comes with a recognised qualification and this is something you can use in any employment and is not tied to the organisation you’ve completed your apprenticeship with.

Challenges and costs of adult apprenticeships
Apprenticeships for older adults come with the problem of expensive. Most adults cannot afford to live on an apprentice’s wage and your employer may be reluctant to invest in an apprenticeship for an older employee when they could hire a 17-year-old for a lower amount. However, most organisations have access to the Apprenticeship Levy and this ensures funding for apprenticeships, whoever in the organisation is getting involved in the programme.  Upskilling adult employees with apprenticeships makes great sense for business.

Apprenticeship Support and Guidance
Key Training work with many organisations to help find the right schemes and programmes for their needs. We can suggest the right apprenticeships for your existing employees and help you find training solutions to keep your people satisfied and moving in the right direction.

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