55039 Windows PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking

Microsoft Technical

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Course Length: 5 Days

Delivered: Virtually


This course covers advanced Windows PowerShell topics, with an emphasis on building reusable tools. Students are introduced to workflow, engage in best practices, and learn a variety of script development and toolmaking techniques.


To gain the most out of this course, you should have:


This course is intended for administrators in a Microsoft-centric environment who want to build reusable units of automation, automate business processes, and enable less-technical colleagues to accomplish administrative tasks.



1 - Tool Design

2 - Start with a Command

3 - Build a Basic Function and Module

4 - Adding CmdletBinding and Parameterizing

5 - Emitting Objects as Output

6 - An Interlude: Changing Your Approach

7 - Using Verbose, Warning, and Informational Output

8 - Comment-Based Help

9 - Handling Errors

10 - Basic Debugging

11 - Going Deeper with Parameters

12 - Writing Full Help

13 - Unit Testing Your Code

14 - Extending Output Types

15 - Analyzing Your Script

16 - Publishing Your Tools

17 - Basic Controllers: Automation Scripts and Menus

18 - Proxy Functions

19 - Working with XML Data

20 - Working with JSON Data

21 - Working with SQL Server Data

22 - Final Exam

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