55133 PowerShell for System Center Configuration Manager Administrators

Microsoft Technical

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Course Length: 3 Days

Delivered: Virtually


In this course, students learn how to access the PowerShell commands included with ECM 2203 and use them to perform configuration tasks for a primary site. Individual cmdlets will be used in working with objects such as Boundaries, Boundary Groups, Collections, Software Deployment, Patching, Compliance Settings, OSD Task Sequences, and many others. Basic scripting will also be covered so that students can learn how to put PowerShell to use when working with large sets of objects.



This course is intended for IT professionals who need to manage the day-to-day environment of an SCCM 1802 or newer environment. Knowledge of the workings of a standalone primary SCCM site and basic PowerShell experience is recommended.



1 - Module 1: Review of Endpoint Configuration Manager Concepts

2 - Module 2: Managing Resources

3 - Module 3: Working with Clients

4 - Module 4: Distributing Software

5 - Module 5: Updating Systems with WSUS and ECM

6 - Module 6: How PowerShell Can Manage Compliance Settings

7 - Module 7: Configuring Operating System Deployment Objects

8 - Module 8: Working at the Site Level

9 - Module 9: Security and Monitoring

10 - Module 10: Using PowerShell Scripting to Automate Tasks

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