Database Design - A Modern Approach

Microsoft Technical

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Course Length: 1 Days

Delivered: Virtually


This course introduces you to a process for effectively planning and designing a functional, efficient database. Knowing how to plan a relational database is important to the success of the databases you create. Without planning, you cannot possibly know what the database needs to do, or even what information to include in the database. Planning a database is essential, and prevents the extra work of fixing data maintenance problems later on. The concepts are not specific to a particular software application and can be applied to any relational database management system. This course may earn a Credly Badge.


To ensure your success in this course you should have fundamental computer skills.


This course is designed for students who need to learn database design essentials, typically in preparation for, or as a supplement to, a course on SQL such as SQL Querying: Fundamentals and courses on specific relational database platforms.


In this course, you will perform steps to design a relational database, including gathering requirements, data modeling, and planning implementation.

You will:


Getting Started with Relational Database Design

Defining the Database Conceptual Model

Defining the Database Logical Model

Normalizing Data

Finalizing the Database Design

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