Imposter Syndrome - What is it and How to Manage it (2 hours)

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Course Code: CONSULTS

Duration: 2-hour session


We will look at what Imposter Syndrome is and how to recognise it in ourselves. We will look at how to recognise it and how to build coping strategies to manage it well. It’s essential to understand the impact of our inner critic and how this can allow the imposter syndrome to grow. We will explore Cognitive Restructuring as a tool to develop the skills to manage the inner critic as well as tools that will help to reframe negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts. No matter the specific profile, if you struggle with confidence, you’re far from alone. To take one example, studies suggest 70% of people experience imposter syndrome at some point. If you’ve experienced it at any point in your career, you’ve at one point or another chalked up your accomplishments to chance, charm, connections, or another external factor. How unfair and unkind is that? Take this opportunity to start accepting and embracing your capabilities.

This will be an interactive, experiential session that will provide tools and techniques to deal with those feelings of fear and manage our internal thoughts and concerns.

Learning Outcomes:

This session will enable you to manage the consequences of the Imposter syndrome. You will learn how to make conscious choices so that you can control and influence your thinking and actions rather than focussing on those things that you can’t control. Imposter syndrome reflects a belief that you’re an inadequate and incompetent failure despite evidence that indicates you’re skilled and quite successful. In short, it’s a hot mess of harmfulness. It can also take various forms, depending on a person’s background, personality, and circumstances. If you’re familiar with the feeling of waiting for those around you to “find you out,” it might be helpful to consider what type of imposter you are so you can problem-solve accordingly. This session will help you to identify and manage your own Imposter Syndrome using a blend of mind, brain and body techniques.

Session Overview:

Imposter syndrome

Recognising and Coping

Emotional Thinking, Behaviours and Outcomes


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