Managing Agile Projects Using TFS 2017

Microsoft Technical

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Course Length: 3 Days

Delivered: Virtually


In this course, attendees will plan a new software development project and go through the steps to initiate the project using Visual Studio 2017. This includes recording requirements, creating a product backlog, and estimating effort for backlog items.


This course is designed for project managers, Scrum masters, business analysts, and team leaders looking to effectively manage their development projects using Team Foundation Server 2017.


The course also demonstrates how TFS facilitates the use of storyboards to prototype experiences, request stakeholder feedback, foster team collaboration, and generate reports. The final two modules of the course provide an overview of how testers and developers can work effectively using appropriate tools in the Visual Studio family.


1 - Introducing the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Family

2 - Initiating a New Project

3 - Work Item Primer

4 - Creating our Product Backlog

5 - Agile Estimation

6 - Working from the Product Backlog

7 - Working in Sprints

8 - Retrospectives

9 - Working with TFS Teams

10 - Enhancing Requirements Using Storyboards

11 - Getting Stakeholder Feedback

12 - Fostering Team Collaboration

13 - Creating and Customizing Reports

14 - Overview of Agile Testing

15 - Overview of Agile Development

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