Mastering JavaScript & JQuery Essentials (TT4115)

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Course Length: 5 Days

Delivered: Virtually


This hands-on course is geared for web developers who need to learn basic JavaScript and JQuery to use with today's systems and architectures to build sophisticated web interfaces. JavaScript is simple and elegant but is often difficult to work with because it's so different from the programming languages most developers are used to utilizing. You will experience a balanced mixture of theory and practical labs to gain core JavaScript skills to ease the development of advanced web applications. If you are building for the web, learning jQuery will change the way you write JavaScript, working across multiple browsers and platforms. After this course, you will be able to hit the ground running applying essential JavaScript to projects at both an architectural as well as a line by line coding level.


This is an introductory level course for experienced software developers seeking to enhance and extend their core web development skillset leveraging JavaScript and JQuery. Attendees should have practical experience developing basic software applications. This course provides an excellent foundation for continued learning to gain in-demand skills in in-demand skills and technologies such as NodeJS, Angular, React, Redux and more. This course can also be tailored for less experienced or non-developers as needed


Throughout the course, students will explore practical use of the umbrella of technologies that work in conjunction with JavaScript as well as some of the tools, toolkits, and frameworks that can be used in conjunction with web development and deployment. The course begins with an initial look at JavaScript and how it is used within the context of web applications, walking students through the different technologies that are used with JavaScript and exploring core aspects of JavaScript and JQuery in terms of web applications, security, tools and frameworks.

Working within in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will:


1 - Core JavaScript Essentials

2 - jQuery

3 - Working with jQuery

4 - jQuery Plugins and Enhancements

5 - JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

6 - Advanced JavaScript Topics

7 - Web Design

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