SharePoint - Site User (Modern Experience)

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Course Length: 1 Day

Delivered: Virtually


Microsoft® SharePoint® online is a platform specifically designed to facilitate collaboration, allowing you and your team to use familiar applications and web- based tools to create, access, store, and track documents and data in a central location. Through this course, you will discover the many features of SharePoint online and improve your ability to work collaboratively by easily sharing, accessing, editing, and saving information. SharePoint is a complex platform with many features and capabilities. A strong understanding of those features and capabilities will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively with SharePoint online, and with the documents and data stored in SharePoint. Furthermore, effective use of the Modern UI and Office 36> integrations will streamline tasks and facilitate collaboration with colleagues in other Office 365 and third-party apps. This course may earn a Credly Badge.


To ensure your success in this course, you should have basic end-user skills with a current version of Microsoft Windows for the desktop and any current version of Microsoft Office desktop software, plus basic competence with Internet browsing.

You can obtain this prerequisite knowledge and skills regarding the latest version of Windows by taking one of the following courses:


This course is designed for Microsoft® Windows® and Microsoft Office users who are transitioning to a SharePoint environment, and who need to access information from and collaborate with team members within Microsoft SharePoint (using either a Microsoft SharePoint Online or a Microsoft SharePoint 2019 server).


In this course, you will effectively utilize resources on a typical SharePoint team and communication sites in the course of performing normal business tasks.

You will:


1 - Interacting with SharePoint Sites

2 - Working with Documents, Content, and Lists

3 - Searching, Sharing, and Following Content

4 - Interacting with Office 365 Files

5 - Managing Office 365 Apps with SharePoint

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