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Course TitleStart DateLocationList PriceEarly Bird PriceCourse Duration
Excel 2016 Level 212/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 212/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 212/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 212/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 313/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 313/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 313/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 313/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 414/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 414/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 414/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 414/08/2019London£305.00£165.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 123/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 123/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 123/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 123/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 224/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 224/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 224/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 224/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Essential Management Skills24/09/2019London£940.00£611.002 days
Excel 2016 Level 325/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 325/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 325/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 325/09/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel Level 5 - Intro to VBA26/09/2019London£410.00£266.001 day
Excel Level 6 - Intermediate VBA27/09/2019London£410.00£266.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 216/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 216/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 216/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 216/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 317/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 317/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 317/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 317/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
PowerPoint 2016 Level 118/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
PowerPoint 2007 Level 118/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
PowerPoint 2010 Level 118/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
PowerPoint 2013 Level 118/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
PowerPoint 2016 Level 230/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
PowerPoint 2007 Level 230/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
PowerPoint 2010 Level 230/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
PowerPoint 2013 Level 230/10/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 119/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 119/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 119/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 119/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 220/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 220/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 220/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 220/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 321/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 321/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 321/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 321/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 422/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 422/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 422/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 422/11/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 210/12/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 210/12/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 210/12/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 210/12/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2016 Level 311/12/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2007 Level 311/12/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2010 Level 311/12/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel 2013 Level 311/12/2019London£305.00£198.001 day
Excel Level 5 - Intro to VBA12/12/2019London£410.00£266.001 day
Excel Level 6 - Intermediate VBA13/12/2019London£410.00£266.001 day

Note – All prices are per person and exclude VAT.

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