Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Cancer Support

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Cancer Support

One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. For many people, diagnosis can be an overwhelming time. It is important that people can access the right levels of care and services when they need it most.  As cancer treatments are improving and more people survive cancer, it is important for us to understand the impact of living with cancer both long-term and short-term. This course is great for anyone working in health and social care, general business managers supporting their staff, or anyone caring for someone living with cancer.


This qualification is designed to give learners the knowledge to support their work within the adult health and social care sectors, particularly those wanting to specialise in the area or develop employment/progression opportunities. It is also useful for those providing informal care to those living with cancer.

The course also covers:

  • Compare the differences between normal cells and cancer cells.
  • Identify the different categories of cancer.
  • Define the terms ‘incidence’ and ‘prevalence’ in relation to cancer how national policy and strategy on cancer care has changed over time.
  • Describe the role of different organisations in the formation of cancer policy and strategy.
  • Give examples of how national policy and strategy and information on cancer prevention has changed over time.
  • Identify how cancer survival rates and life expectancy have changed over time, and Identify tests that take place after GP referral.
  • Describe the potential impact of receiving a diagnosis of cancer on the individual and family and friends.
  • Describe the roles of key people who may be involved within a cancer care team and identify organisations that can offer help and information relating to cancer support.
  • Give examples of strategies that individuals can use to manage their condition.