Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Excellence in Customer Service for Hospitality

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Excellence in Customer Service for Hospitality

The French word ‘hospice’ has been adapted to form the word ‘hospitality’ that means taking care of the travellers. It still carries the same inherent meaning of care. Customer service is key to the hospitality industry. It is the service that can make or break a hospitality business. The expectations of customers are changing, and demands are getting higher.  You will learn about the changing needs of customers and how to provide excellent customer care as well the importance of legislation and how to follow these.


This qualification is designed for learners who are looking to enter, or progress within, employment in the hospitality sector. It will enable learners to develop knowledge and understanding of excellence in customer service for the hospitality sector. You will gain a good understanding of how to communicate with customers, develop team working within the hospitality sector, and gain a good knowledge of the legislation and regulations relating to customer service within hospitality.

The course also covers:

  • The cultural factor that can affect customer expectations, and the importance of anticipating and responding to different cultural needs.
  • Different communication styles, and techniques that can be used to put customers at ease and how to gain their trust.
  • How to deal with customer complaints, and how to pass responsibility to colleagues when appropriate.
  • When and how to collect customer feedback and how to use it to prevent problems occurring in the future.
  • How a team’s goals impact on the roles and responsibilities of individual team members.
  • The benefit of taking part in personal development activities and having a personal development plan.
  • Food hygiene and safety legislation, and the importance of following this, as well as the consequences of poor food hygiene and safety.
  • Difference between food allergy and food intolerance, and the legislation relating to these.