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Key Training offer a full range of services to support Levy Paying customers. As an established provider of over 55 years we can bring a wealth of experience in planning, delivering and managing high quality Apprenticeship programmes.

Key Training offer a free Levy Briefing service. There are many myths and misconceptions about Apprenticeships, and confusion about what is, and is not, allowed. We will provide an impartial view and detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations. We will also bring our experience to advise of the likely future developments in the market; and how they are likely to impact your organisation. We offer the Levy Briefing to L&D, HR, Finance staff, and can also provide an executive briefing for senior executives / boards. Our briefing will allow you to consider your options with a firm grasp on Apprenticeships, the market, rules & regulations and how to navigate your way through the complexity to define a Levy Strategy that adds value to your business.

Key Training can support Levy paying customers create a Levy Strategy that ensure maximum value and return on investment from Levy payments. Our approach is to create a balanced Levy Strategy, with a range of opportunities, that offers maximum value, is sustainable (the Levy is likely to be with us for many years!) and is future proofed. Defining a Levy Strategy is unique to each Customer, but will include services such as: –

  • Skills Scan – identifying staff roles where Apprenticeship training could be deployed and matching to available Apprenticeships or Apprenticeships in development
  • Links to L&D Strategy and CPD Spend – how the Levy can be used to support the L&D strategy, and indeed become an integral part of the Strategy
  • Existing Training and CPD – reviewing existing training, internal and external, and identifying any opportunities to migrate to Apprenticeship programmes.
  • Financial Profiling – Key Training have developed tools to allow you to plan your Apprenticeship programmes. Unlike other tools available, our tools allow you to profile multiple cohorts, prices and success rates.
  • Mitigation strategies – Many Finance Directors / Boards are asking “what will I get from this money”? We can provide a framework setting out how to measure the impact, financial and otherwise, of the Apprenticeship programmes.
  • Provider Identification – many Levy organisations have very diverse Apprenticeship requirements. Key Training can assist organisations in identifying and partnering with high quality training providers who can deliver all identified Apprenticeship opportunities.

We currently offer Levy Strategy Support FREE OF CHARGE.

Key Training are working with many Levy paying organisations to create Apprenticeship programmes that are bespoke to their requirements. This ensures that the programme(s) deliver maximum value to the organisation, and are not simply generic qualifications that are not fully relevant to the business. Our expert knowledge of Apprenticeship frameworks and standards enables us to work with organisations to create programmes that meet the requirements of the Apprenticeship programme and deliver content specific to your organisation. Programme Development can take many forms; such as: –

  • Mapping internally delivered training or content to become part of an Apprenticeship programme
  • Mapping externally delivered training or content to become part of an Apprenticeship programme
  • Creating bespoke training or content to customise delivery
  • Customising the delivery model to reflect the working practices / demands of the business and learners (see Delivery Models)

As an Apprenticeship provider with over 50 years of experience, Key Training are an ideal partner to deliver high quality Apprenticeship training as part of your Levy Strategy. High quality Apprenticeship programmes are not simply about the training sessions that learners experience; our delivery will also include: –

Recruitment – where new young Apprenticeships are part of your Levy solution, we offer a Talent Match recruitment service. We will take all the pain out of the recruitment of young Apprentices; and ensure that the Apprentices you get are well matched to your organisation and the job role. Key Training recruit over 1,000 young people annually.

Learner Engagement – where your Apprentices are existing staff with skills development needs, we will work with you to engage with staff to promote the Apprenticeship programmes. This can include development of bespoke promotional materials, workshops and presentations, one to one Information, Advice and Guidance sessions, Assessment and Diagnostics and final Sign-Up to the programme.

Blended Learning – our delivery models are a blend of a variety of learning interventions. These will comprise a combination of virtual classrooms, 1-2-1 coaching, remote Webinar / Skype sessions, on-line learning and directed self-study. How these will be organised will be dependent on the business and learner needs.

Review – our programmes will provide regular learning reviews; providing ourselves, the learner and the organisation with regular visibility of each learners’ progress; identifying any issues where progress is not being made. Where the Apprenticeship programme is a Standard we will ensure the final Review is a Gateway process and identifies learners’ readiness for End Point Assessment.

Functional Skills and Learner Support – where part of the Apprenticeship programme requires Functional Skills we will fully support learners with their Functional Skills needs. Key Training has a dedicated Functional Skills unit, with highly qualified English and Maths tutors available to support learners. As with our main delivery; Functional Skills delivery is blended, and can be delivered face to face, remote or online.

Key Training offers dedicated account management services for Apprenticeship Levy customers. This includes planning, review and quality assurance of all Apprenticeship provision delivered.

Delivering Apprenticeship programmes is about much more than just putting on some training. An Apprenticeship is a formal qualification, and is a recognised hallmark for consumers and businesses to trust that a person holds a level of ability.

Apprenticeships include a requirement to evidence competency, hence the quality thresholds required are rightly high. Key Training have been delivering Apprenticeships for over 50 years; during which time, we have developed extensive high quality wrap around services to support and complement Apprenticeship training delivery. Key Training can support other providers or employer providers, particularly those new to the delivery of Apprenticeships, with the following services: –

  • Apprenticeship Recruitment – we offer a unique Talent Match service; recruiting young learners into your organisation. Our Talent Match service ensures that recruited Apprentices have the right skills, attitude, understand the job role and its demands and the training programme that they will undertake. Finding the right Apprentice is as important as the training programme that will be delivered.
  • Learner Engagement – ensuring learners joining Apprenticeship programmes are in the right roles, have the right motivation and have a full understanding of the learning programme are all essential elements of a successful Apprenticeship programme. Key Training can assist with the engagement with existing staff identified as benefiting from Apprenticeship training.
  • Initial assessment – we offer initial assessment, including eligibility, maths and English, 7 other cognitive abilities, learning styles and career mapping. If an assessment reveals any support requirement we can provide a full diagnostic, which will create a “spiky” profile and individual learning plan and bespoke learning content.
  • Apprenticeship sign up – Key Training can assist with all aspects of the sign-up / enrolment process. This will include completion of all documentation (enrolment forms, commitment statement, H&S etc.). Key Training can offer various sign-up options, including on-line, group sessions, remote and face to face sign-ups. Key Training will populate the ILR system and can also populate the employers Apprenticeship System.
  • Apprenticeship induction – Key Training can induct learners into the Apprenticeship programme. This may include some of the Diagnostic and Sign-Up processes identified above. The induction will go through the programme content, expectation and requirements. The induction will also introduce the learning platforms and content that will be used through the learning journey.
  • Learner Tracking & maintaining individual learner records – Key Training can maintain an individual learning record for each learner, and have software to track progress on each element of the learner’s progress.
  • Learner progress review meetings – An essential part of an Apprenticeship programme is to continually review learner progress, this is even more important with new Apprenticeship standards, which often don’t have qualifications. Key Training can offer 12-week review meetings with learners, with learner progress tracked through our software (above).
  • Delivery of maths and English – Key Training offer delivery of Functional Skills, which are often a major barrier to Apprenticeship success. We can deliver high quality Functional Skills, through face to face, remote, supported learning and on-line learning.
  • RSVP – Wider Apprenticeship requirements such as Prevent, Safeguarding and British Values are compulsory aspects of an Apprenticeship programme, and are a key focus for Ofsted. Key Training offer an innovative on-line solution to deliver these often-overlooked elements. Our RSVP package offers
    R – Respect
    S – Safeguarding
    V – British Values
    P – Prevent
  • Data Management – Key Training can offer ongoing maintenance of the ILR, including processing of early leavers, achievers, breaks in learning, changes in qualification etc. We can submit ILR returns and reconcile income to ILR returns. Key Training can also produce MIS reports to assist with the management of an Apprenticeship programme.
    Quality assurance – Key Training can offer a comprehensive QA process which will ensure full Ofsted Readiness. This can include
    -Success Rates production and analysis
    -Self-Assessment preparation and Quality Improvement Plan production
    -Observation of Teaching and Learning programme
    -CPD for delivery staff
    -Feedback from learners – collection and analysis
  • Gateway and Preparation for end assessment – the introduction of Apprenticeship standards provides the new requirement for Gateway and EPA preparation services. Key Training can support in ensuring learners at the end of their programmes are fully prepared for their EPA.