How apprentices can be used in different areas of your business

We are living in a candidate’s market, where applicants to new roles have plenty of choice and do not have to take the first job they are offered. Employers need to do more to boost their business and offering something extra may be necessary to help keep talent within your organisation. Apprenticeships are a valuable tool which can be part of the solution and help bolster areas of your business where additional experience is needed.


While we often think that the customer-facing roles are the most important in business, you cannot underestimate the importance of those behind the scenes. If your company relies upon warehousing and distribution centres for deliveries and similar services, you need highly trained and committed employees in this area.

An organised warehouse is essential for a successful business and with well trained employees, you have a much better chance of succeeding. Warehouse apprenticeships and those in logistics are regularly available and are a chance to forge a career in this industry area. On-the-job training combined with theory ensures new apprentices are able to get stuck in and make a difference in this area of your business. With huge market growth in sectors such as eCommerce the demand for warehousing and distribution is high.


Customer service is one of the key touchpoints for all businesses to make a good impression. Nearly all customers will turn away from your business if their customer service experience is poor, so you need to invest in your employees and give them relevant and high-quality training in this area. Customer service apprenticeships are available at different levels. They are a great way of attracting new talent who can be trained from day one, but you could also offer a higher-level apprenticeship to your current staff who may benefit from additional training and the chance to enhance their skill set. Customer success has also become a specialist area many businesses are looking to shift towards as it pushes customer experience to the next level.


Good teams need good leaders and while you may have employees with natural ability, a recognised qualification to support this is always appreciated. Investing in your managers and pushing for more engaged and motivated leaders pays dividends with the wider team. Leadership apprenticeships help to motivate and drive your employees to push forward in their career and for the benefit of the wider business. A recognised apprenticeship programme for your supervisors and managers gives them a goal to aim for and helps to bring together their on-the-job experience with recognised theory.


Apprentices are an ideal addition to your workforce as you have the opportunity to create motivated and productive employees who are loyal to your business and committed to their career progression. They are also a valuable tool for staff retention and upskilling existing employees with potential.
Key Training offers a wide range of apprenticeship schemes to support your business in the next stage of its growth.

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