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Discovery Insights

Course Code: CONSULTS
Duration: ½ Day
Delivered: Virtually

Discovery Insights is a Jungian based psychometric tool that analyses your preferences when interacting with others in the workplace. Insights has built on the extensive body of psychological research that culminates in the seminal work on personality devised by the Swiss psychologist Carl G Jung. As a result of this research, Insights has developed a support system or map that you can use to change your levels of self-awareness for the better so that you understand the impact you have on others and the impact they have on you in the workplace. These profiles are available in various different formats depending on what your requirements are. We always start with the Foundation chapter which can then be built upon depending on your needs- we can add a Management Chapter which provides managers with an opportunity to consider their own management style as well as the needs of the people they manage.


This programme is for you if you need to understand what the ingredients of success are to firstly to understand yourself, next to understand others, and then to use this knowledge to manage the interactions in your relationships with your customers, your colleagues, your friends and your family. Each attendee will complete a 25 frame evaluator pre workshop from which we will
provide them with a detailed profile to help them to understand their personal style and how this impacts on their relationships in both personal and professional environments. This profile will be debriefed during the session.


On completion of this session delegates will be able to:
• Have a greater understanding of themselves, their style and approach as well as a deeper appreciation of their strengths and possible weaknesses; their value to the team; their communication style; possible blind spots; opposite types and suggestions for development
• Understand the simple colour system that illustrates the construct of the model
• Start to use productive , positive, supportive language that promotes an ‘I’m OK, you’re OK’ perspective
• Develop their interpersonal skills which will help to improve performance and start to create a more positive, productive cultural environment.